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Bluetooth Texter is no longer being developed or supported.

Bluetooth Texter

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What is this widget for?

Bluetooth Texter connects to your Bluetooth phone and uses it to send SMS messages. You quickly activate Dashboard, enter your message in the widget, select a phone number and hit send. The phone numbers in the widget's drop-down list come straight from your Addressbook.


I wanted a simpler way of sending SMS messages. I could never get used to entering SMS on a numeric keypad, all phone manufacturers do it differently. On many phones it also takes a whole bunch of menu selections before you get to typing your message!


Unarchive the downloaded archive and double click the extracted widget to install.

Front of Bluetooth Texter

How do I use it?

  • When the widget starts the first time you will have to flip it and select a phone from the phone drop-down list. This list only shows phones that are paired with your computer. You only need to do this again if you want to use a different phone.
  • On the front of the widget enter a message in the text box
  • Select a number from the Address Book drop-down list
  • Click the send button to send the message. This takes a few moments during while the widget waits for the message to be sent.

To see what all the user interface elements are for have a look at this FAQ.

Other features.

The Bluetooth Texter widget has a few extra features that make it quicker to use.

  • The last 50 used phone numbers are automatically stored and can be selected from a drop-list on the back of the widget.
  • Up to 10 pre created messages can be saved. When you have typed a message click the + button in the top right of the widget. The back will be shown and you can select one of ten spots to keep your message. To use on of the saved messages flip to the back of the widget, preview the saved messages by hovering the mouse over them and click the one you want!
  • You can choose how you want to sort the names in the front drop down list: Last name or First name first and alphabetically from A to Z or Z to A.
  • If your phone does not work with the default Dialup Networking Profile used then you can select the Serial Port Profile on the back of the widget.
Back of widget showing message saving

Phone compatibility.

If your phone works with the (unhacked) SMS functionality in the Apple Address Book then it should also work with this widget.

Our FAQ should answer most of your questions regarding the widget. If you have any questions that are not answered on the FAQ just use the feedback form.

  Download Bluetooth Texter v1.4 Please read the FAQ!
Disclaimer: This software is available for anyone to download and use. No warranty regarding quality or bugs is offered. Use at your own risk, no responsibility taken for any damage caused to your system(s).

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